Online E-File course – CPD accredited

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Welcome to E-File Nail Drill! This Course will guide you through the setup, operation, and maintenance of your e-file, ensuring you achieve professional-quality results safely and effectively.

What is an E-File Drill?

An e-file nail drill, also known as an electric nail file, is a versatile tool used in manicures and pedicures to shape, smooth, and polish nails. It is especially useful for tasks such as removing gel or acrylic enhancements, refining nail shapes, and preparing natural nails for treatments. The e-file allows for precision and efficiency, making it a staple in modern nail care.


Why Use an E-File?


E-files significantly reduce the time required for various nail care tasks compared to manual filing. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in professional settings where multiple clients are served daily.


With adjustable speeds and various drill bits, e-files provide unparalleled precision, allowing for detailed and intricate nail work. This precision helps achieve a polished, professional finish.


E-files can handle a range of tasks, from removing old nail enhancements to smoothing and buffing natural nails. The different types of drill bits cater to specific needs, making the e-file a versatile addition to any nail care toolkit.

Objectives of This Training Course

  • Safety First: Emphasize the importance of safety protocols to prevent injuries and ensure a safe working environment.
  • Skill Development: Provide step-by-step instructions and practical exercises to develop proficiency in using the e-file.
  • Product Knowledge: Familiarise you with the various components of the e-file, including the hand piece, control box, and drill bits.
  • Maintenance Tips: Offer guidance on maintaining and caring for your e-file to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for:

  • Professional Nail Technicians: Enhance your skills and offer better services to your clients.
  • Beauty School Students: Gain comprehensive knowledge and practical experience with e-files as part of your curriculum.
  • Home Users: Improve your at-home nail care routine with professional techniques.