Lash Lift Kit

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  • This semi perm will make your eyes pop out and look more significant and beautiful without makeup with the use of this kit set.
  • Our Eyelashes work its magic without stress, and it is gentle and effective, it nourishes and cares for your lashes which result in healthier Eyelashes.
  • Quick and lasting: get a seductive looking Eyelashes in only 20 to 30 minutes which will keep curled for up to a month with the use of our eyelashes perm kit
  • Economical: one set can be used on 15 to 20 people, and if you get it for personal use it can last for more than one year


What does the kit include:

  1. 1 bottle of 5ml perm lotion
  2. 1 bottle of 5ml fixing lotion
  3. 1 bottle of 5ml cleanser lotion
  4. 1 bottle of 5ml nourishing lotion.
  5. 1 bottle of perm glue
  6. 5 pairs perm pads (SS,S,M, L, LL size side)
  7. 3 pcs cleaning plastic Y brush
  8. 5pcs  under eye pads
  9. 5 pcs mascara brush and 5 pcs microbrush.



Thick lashes 5- 7 minutes

Thin lashes 4-5 minutes.

Enough to do 15-20 lash lift treatments.